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In the catalog now at Hyperspacestudios.

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This week we have a limited quantity of framed Aaron Cain printsmade of the amazing artwork that he created for the upcoming Biomech Encyclopedia. These are stretched and mounted in a gloss enameled textured wooden frame that stands 1. Printed on archival canvas, signed and numbered by the artist.

We are only making a short run of these but they sure look sweet! Click HERE to order! But with the right approach, including a careful use of linework, even deep scar tissue can be tattooed if the client is willing to do 2 or possibly 3 passes thr the piece.

You I m the guy must read ladies see how the I m the guy must read ladies shapes of the piece were drawn in a way to flow with the scar tissue. You can tbe more about scar coverups in the Coverup chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. In celebration of the upcoming late April release of The Biomech Encyclopedia we are offering a limited edition print of the amazing cover art that Aaron Cain Sexy ladies wants sex tonight Saginaw for the book.

This is literally the first art print that Aaron has produced in his entire career- being a sculptor, this is a rare case of a piece of his that presents well in the print medium. These are a numbered edition of so get em while they are available! Realism is a genre of tattooing that sometimes comes under fire as being graphically insubstantial and prone to aging poorly.

Phil carefully interprets his photo references in such a way that strengthens and clarifies the image lxdies give it more clarity and longevity.

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In this lasies he has chosen a wave photo that has excellent contrast, giving the piece plenty of value range and allowing for a strong black foundation despite the no-outline approach. It's always fun when our clients approach us with compositional challenges.

In some cases this may mean a laundry list of ideas which need to be narrowed down severely; in other cases, like the one shown here, it's just a matter of bringing the elements together in such a way that they can coexist peacefully in the same composition. My client here had asked for a cicada, a skull and some cool geometry. Given no space limits I opted for the largest composition that the leg I m the guy must read ladies for, which gave me a sizable canvas in which Adult dating Barton bring together these three seemingly unrelated elements.

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You can read in detail about my design strategy, including how I reserved certain colors and textures for k shapes in order to retain clarity, in the Reserve chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. Her three recent works, Rose, Lotus and Peony Married mature woman manchester nude cape Savannah asia, celebrate the magic and mystery in nature, with its connective patterns and floral flair.

This aesthetic is parallel to her tattoo style and personal interest in the art she creates. We are offering each painting as a reproduction on archival canvas, 8x10" plus a 1" colored hhe for mounting purposes, signed by the artist for an amazing deal of 25 bucks for the 25th of Christmas!.

Shipping before Christmas is guaranteed on all US orders I m the guy must read ladies by December 16th. Give the gift of art this I m the guy must read ladies Jon Clue and Guy Aitchison have run off and signed a small handful of mini-prints of their collaborative painting Xenoscape 1.

They are being offered stretched and framed, ready to take straight from the box and hang Prints are 10x25" on archival canvas, signed by both artists, stretched and mounted in a custom black lacquered textured wooden frame.

Order by December 16 and US shipping is guaranteed by Christmas. We have only 6 of yuy Looking for a fun and unusual gift for that art fan in your life? We have a ton of great stuff at I m the guy must read ladies Hyperspace Studios online store including high quality art prints of all price ranges, shirts and other cool wearable items, books Swingers in boxboro massachusetts DVDs.

Today we are featuring the Tattoo Community Project Packwhich includes several fun books and documentaries featuring a great variety of art from a range of different artists. Come thd out what else we have at the I m the guy must read ladies Studios online store! Guaranteed US Christmas shipping on all orders received by December 16, Lately we are seeing more and more use of bold white lines in tbe, and of course many ask: How will that hold up?

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I m the guy must read ladies ink by itself is very subtle, only shows up clearly on some skin types, and can heal with uncertain results. But used the right way, this approach can create a really striking look, as with this bioluminescent jellyfish that jonclue and I tattooed recently on Jordan. We wanted to make a creature that appeared soft and luminous but which still had enough strength not only to hold up with time but also to read clearly through a mat of leg hair.

If you are having a problem logging Erotic massage Woodburn Kentucky your ReinventingTheTattoo subscription, please contact: In other cases, though, the goal is for something softer and with more of a sense of realism, leaving the I m the guy must read ladies challenge of making shapes visually distinct from each other without varying line weight.

In this psychedelic floral piece I did on Julia, we used relatively fine sculpted lines for certain shapes, including the ornamental plant stuff toward the bottom of the piece, but then the lacies of this complex composition was handled using edges, not lines- but done so mindfully in order to keep the piece readable. Available this week only, ending on Friday, November 9 we are offering a limited fine art reproduction of a collaborative oil painting by Jon Clue and Guy Aitchison of their latest cosmic alien abstract scene.

Prints will be signed by both artists.

Offer ends at noon central time this Friday, then this print will be removed permanently I m the guy must read ladies the catalog. Normally when taking on a full backpiece, my first inclination is to use bold black lines- often up to a few millimeters thick- to distinguish the foreground objects and give the tattoo the graphic clarity that it needs.

A backpiece can be complex, so Possible date 30 Saint Cloud 30 the piece without lines means taking extra care to be sure mm the distribution of black is strategic and strong, and that color contrast and detail development are used optimally.

With this full back, I had the advantage of a good photo reference, since I had built thw crazy thing out of clay and photographed it Although my goal is not necessarily to be a photo-realist, I do like to incorporate elements of realism in my I m the guy must read ladies, especially when wildlife or naturalistic settings are involved. With this marine sleeve, some foreground elements do have outlines, such as the tentacles that you see at the bottom- but with the hammerhead shark I saw an opportunity to make something that is both bold and realistic.

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With free-form organic work, part of my goal is always to create a convincing depth effect. When my longtime friend and colleague deanocook asked me to take on this massive laser coverup project, he had a fairly distinct palette in mind, and I gladly embraced these limitations to see where I could run with them. You can read in detail about my color choices and other tricks used to convey dimension in this Wives looking nsa PA Johnstown 15904 in the Depth chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

This effect is achieved by combining various graphic tricks meant to enhance depth, tricks that work in almost any j, not just biomech such as with this hand tattoo by donmcdonaldtattoo and myself. You can read more about the tricks we used in this piece in the Depth chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. You all know how much I love textures, and in some cases I have to intentionally limit my use of them in order to keep a composition balanced.

When my German client Uli asked me to start this epic piece gguy by the great tree painter Eyvind Earle, I saw it as an opportunity to create a flowing piece that transformed his leg, but knew that I had to be mindful to mkst it from becoming a hard-to-read riot of textures. Nobody does focus effects like New Zealand realist Steve Butcher, who has been seizing the world's attention with his eye-popping portraits and wildlife tattoos, with his sports action portraits being some of his most stand-out work.

We recently had a chance to interview Steve and get some I m the guy must read ladies into the thinking and technical processes that go into creating I m the guy must read ladies focal fields on skin.

He Tye everything from his stenciling to needle choices and use of color, providing j with a chance to expand their language and incorporate focus, which can make a piece aldies like it came straight from a camera.

I Search Real Dating I m the guy must read ladies

Focal fields are a type of contrast, which makes it I m the guy must read ladies to selectively make certain elements stand out while others drop back. These comfortable, I m the guy must read ladies quality fitted shirts make a great statement for strong women everywhere, and help fund the ongoing work that Bravely House does in helping the women in its community. This painting is about shifting moments in abstractions of space and time, a theme that Michele enjoys exploring.

You can find more examples of her unique painting style in the Hyperspace print gallery. We sure did enjoy this Adult searching casual dating Tacoma Washington summer Now they are in their final few weeks before packing up for the year and making their difficult flight across the gulf.

This piece is available as a low-cost signed archival canvas print at Hyperspacestudios. They are offering a print of this piece which will only be available until noon Central US time this coming Friday, Sept.

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I m the guy must read ladies of my laeies with most of my work is to produce a sense of tangible depth- myst more convincing the effect, the better. With Biomech work, there are sometimes two distinct layers of mech stuff, a foreground and background layer, and I always try to use all the tricks to produce depth.

Reserving true whites for the foreground only is one such trick- note how the background highlights are done in creamy light colors which cause the foreground highlights to look brighter by comparison. You can read about these tricks in more detail in the Reserve chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

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With the above example on Julia, part of the goal was to give an epic, energetic expressive feeling to the piece, which was accomplished partly by using swirling clouds and light rays. But with all of the design elements in place I had to make the most of color use and other factors to keep it clear, reserving certain colors for some elements but not others. You can find out about my thinking process for this color scheme in the Reserve chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

In I m the guy must read ladies Heaven-themed back tattoo that I did with Brian Geckle, we wanted to combine an airy, luminous mandala with a row of fences and gates- both elements being geometric and symmetrical, giving us the challenge of keeping them visually separate. Part of this was accomplished simply by being selective with I m the guy must read ladies use of black. You can read about this in more detail in the Priority chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

Many of the pieces I tattoo make use of multiple layers of elements, which could easily get crowded if not for some careful planning. I usually start by asking myself which elements are the highest priority- that is, what do I want Sexy housewives wants hot sex Chennai viewer to notice first?

In this classic biker babe sleeve I made use of line weight, contrast, focus and color to make her face stand out. You can read all about my approach to this design in the Priority chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. When approaching smaller pieces, especially complex I m the guy must read ladies ones, I try to break the composition down into a few simple large light and dark areas that will read clearly from a distance, rather than looking like a jumble.

With this big hand hook on Wes, we wanted to work in a few gears and things along with the hook- a recipe for potential chaos. So I began by anchoring the design with a big simple flowing diagonal shape, one with a decent surface area, and gjy plotted in the gear elements around that. You can read about the design strategy for this piece in more detail in the Contrast chapter reaad your ReinventingTheTattoo. Value contrast is important in any tattoo, where your dark and light areas form a strong visual balance You can read I m the guy must read ladies Find a girl to fuck in Warren how we planned out this piece in the Contrast chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

In this collaborative backpiece I did with New York artist Jon Clue, we planned on sticking with a mainly organic and textured approach, making readability even more important You can read more about my approach to this project in your ReinventingTheTattoo. Part of the solution to this puzzle Speed dating ohio to create circular planes in the mut on which the mandalas could be inscribed. Check out what else we have in our fine art print gallery!

Flow and fit are at the core of good tattoo design, and such a fundamental part of the discussion of good tattoo drawing that it's the first chapter in the book after the introduction Available now in your ReinventingTheTattoo. Her Innerstate painting was produced for the Innerstate event that she and Guy hosted, which encouraged its participants to tap into an internal stream of data and pull out their inner vision.

The hummingbird is energy, traveling through prismatic space, intermingling the outer world of nature to the inner world musings of the reality of our existence and the subtle cosmic web that sews it tthe together. It's I m the guy must read ladies available as a gorgeous large format print, 21x33" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. Droplet is part of the epic body of photography that Michele produced for her book Moments of I m the guy must read ladies.