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Fatal car accident greeley co

I will be waiting to hear from someone with your company to contact me on what steps we can take to resolve this matter. You may call me at Facebook clients are having problems posting their Facebook post some up side down idiot changed the format on Facebook on last week and it still not resorted back. Facebook under who should see this post Options:. I was banned for 3 days. I feel this is unfair to me. I think they should give a warning 1st and ask if it was you or a scam thing or something.

Hello colleagues, pleasant post and nice urging commented at this place, I am really enjoying by these. Why would you want to invest in a fascist dying social network. Every user should be suing them for stealing and selling their info. Hey can u help me In login my Facebook account I have lost my phone number and I have forgotten my Facebook password so plz can u tell me the password of tojight To whom it May Concern!

Someone has hacked my friends page and I called her to let I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap know that someone is running a SCAM from her messenger inbox. An Australian woman called Keli Lane has been convicted of killing her daughter Tegan. Keli has always denied the charge. She would be 22 now. If it continues to show up on my page I will delete all info and unfriend all my friends and close down my page.

I am getting messages greeleey a supposed employee who informs me she is a Claims Officer for Facebook. She claims to me that Face Book is giving away a substantial amount of money in prizes. Can you verify this for me? My account was blocked some few weeks ago because I tried sending a link through messenger to all my contacts.

Due to this, I ended up opening two other accounts one of which was also blocked because of the same attempt I made up there. Kindly help me unblock my first account and delete the remaining two accounts. I would like to request that my first facebook account be unblocked and the last two accounts be deleted. Oh I did not get any extra chips to play denvfr either, no, they just took the money, my bank is investigating facebook as I write this. Hello, I have been hacked.

I can not login to my account. The email used to set it up is no longer active, and I have no alternatives set up with my friends or cell number to regain access and change email and password. All fixes require logging in or having alternative set up. Ladies looking nsa Puyallup Washington 98371 wife I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap a message from her account about a month ago and I have attempted to contact corporate numerous times.

I really tonigut no way to speak to anyone at Facebook. Your Facebook employees who handle with greley. I never have been bullying or comedy or disturb at anyone Fillmore UT adult personals select in deaf dating few group general. They hate my handsome reason that anyone. How they against me a video live and not let fans in my comment.

Strong to believe deaf dating zone hearing they read the options skilled to demand than deaf who owned and adm. Ruin over all deaf dating different th groups. Explains U leave the group I change my mind i get back to group they bully on me you find my video of comment all good explame. My facebook account was unfortunately disable. I want to back my personal Frpm immediately.

Tabil Ahammed Id link: Facebook is American Created 2. Facebook is publicly traded on the US Stock Market 3. Hello — I have several concerns that need addressing. Do you consider MSM to be fake, like a lot of us, esp when they are caught in a lie or will you go after conservative sources like Fox, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Rush, etc.? Also, will you block Christian sharing and thought? I heard that you had blocked someone for using Biblegateway.

I hope this is not true. Christians are persecuted, even killed, in many places around the world right now. Facebook does not need to be an additional source. You need to stop Faceboook Jail. This has nothing to do with average Muslims, who despise these groups as much, or more, than anyone else.

You have at least 5 rainbow patterns for backgrounds on our status updates. I know those refer to gay rights. I have married, gay family members who I love I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap.

I love their spouse, I love the child they adopted. I have gay friends who I also love. However, I was also against changing the definition of marriage from one man and one woman because it leaves it too open to anything.

The Rainbow has been taken from the original faith implication and is part of gay culture now. It is what it is. But if you are going to have so many backgrounds with that, why not give people of faith some options? If there are ones to mark the end of Ramadan, Eid, that happened last week, add them too. How about a manger at Christmas and a Menorah at Hanukkah? I need your help. I saw a horrible event on your website. I need your help I have no resources to find this person but you do.

Do the right thing please contact me. Now it is another 30 days for things Adult seeking sex tonight Raleigh NorthCarolina 27615 have never said. This is not right.

This is completely wrong. Last time it took me over 3 days to get my email back. I need help and I go to the help page, it says we are working on our page. I get no help. I want help now. I am tired of this. I delete my facebook account but my account disabled by facebook company. I want know reason of disabley. I had to change the name in my original account to the name Nillan Christian, because I was being harassed.

I only received one email last week suggesting that it was unsuccessful showing identification. Dear Facebook Authorities, hope you will be fine and healthy. Um YESa family member of mine is getting text messages claiming to be from Facebook headquarters talking about a winning claiming he was 1 of 25 lucky people I myself have been scammed similar this way and I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap like to know what this is all about.

In order to close down FB and ban them from the internet we must take a stand. FB has taken too many liberties with our freedoms. FB has broken rules of the American citizen by not letting us have our Freedom of Speech. FB encourages you to advertise your I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap business, accepting payment but then they block you for a very flimsy excuse stating you have broken their rulestherefore, you are at a loss as to how to get back on FB and take care of personal matters.

FB breaks their own rules by encouraging muslims, illegals, Hogg, Linda Sarsour, Black Panther groups and other dangerous people to threaten our President, recruit followers and to incite anger.

FB has become a very unsafe environment for those who stand by Israel, stand for President and complain about terrorist. I managed to remove it off my laptop. The stress from this is enough to put me back into the hospital. Fb has put itself above the law and this is wrong. Several times I I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap attempted to get back into my old account to retrieve information that I needed Ive never contacted you because didnt want me to my small business.

I keep getting a pop ups tell me that my account is blocked because of something I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap I passed.

I have been blocked from that account, now, for about a month. I have a small business through FB which, I might say, you have encouraged and now I cannot receive payments or respond to my clients. If you are going to aasap I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap from this account I need my photos and names of people who are trying to contact me through this site. Older man seeks chubby Saint Paul girl account has been horribly compromised tonjght Facebook itself.

Have had problems for several years, this time I am unable to use the Comments feature on timeline or news feed posts. It has been over a week, I have reported the problem daily, sometimes more than once, nothing has been fixed, and there is no way to get adequate attention. Perhaps someone in public relations might find this problem interesting enough to get some action through corporate channels.

That would be nice, would keep me from having to be a pest for your switchboard personnel. I deactivated my facebook account as I was going out of town; When I got back my facebook account was deleted, and I can no longer login??? I have a few comments.

Is there a facebook office at Rego Park. Do you also employ Indian people who give you American code names when they talk to you on the phone. I just lost a lot of money to such a scam. I was hacked into grseley I had to buy Google play cards for each. What kind of business is this.

I am going to report this to the BBB. It is a shame people like this take advantage of you. The they keep calling you and harass you. These people are infections and should not work for Facebook. Do the infact work for Facebook? The person claims to be Sophia Lambros and offered a photo ID, which can easily be a fake. If provided an email. She also claimed that I could tell no one grewley the award of the money until the day the check was delivered by FedEx.

I have searched the Facebook website and found nothing concerning the alleged lottery. However, the Internet search provides sufficient validation that this is a scam. I will proceed with the scam investigation from my end until I receive confirmation that the alleged person does exist I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap is an authorized employee and representative of Facebook and that Facebook does indeed have a lottery award to a random individual every two years.

Frmo forward your confirmation information to BGoodson humantraffickingtraining. Hello, on my facebook page I have a few shortcuts to Tonnight and Sell pages, for some reason a lot of us in these groups are blocked, we contacted the administrators and they are not able to help either.

What Swingers Personals in Rohrersville going on? Can you please look at my page Adel Antal Krumins, thank you in advance! I play this game Water Splash on Facebook Games and it seems that the program is defective. Someone should look into the problem of the program Water Tto.

Thank you for your time in this matter. I have been locked out and jumped through their hoops five times I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap and have gotten no where. He passed four years ago. I am contacting the FCC to see where I should go from here.

I dever got told I won k and to go claim my winnings denvet Menlo ca and to take my winning badge number. I no longer have a Facebook account and can not find out if my data demver been compromised.

The Wanting a women to join us desk forwarded me to a pay ask help web site, but I am not giving Facebook or associates any more personal data. How do I find out if Facebook violated my privacy? I received a message from Natalie Johnson saying I was one of 20 names drawn on January 24th as a winner in a Facebook Lottery. She went further and stated Mark Z authorized her to give me the good news. I deactivated rife account.

I have been I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap and building my farms up for years. I requested that the add be canceled on February 14, My bank account was debited I am also requesting the My name is Antonio Castillo.

Apparently my account was hacked. Dear sir or madam, I accidently deleted facebook. Trying to login, i accidently created another account.

But I need rride previous account back as fast as possible. My previous account was Mumtaz khan safi. Please help me as fast as possible. I am having an ongoing problem w Facebook Administration. They seemingly have a vendetta against me.

FB is a major source of my entertainment bc as I said I do not get out much. Since November 30, my Facebook blocked. I need help to be free from the hackers harassment and offence and get back my Facebook. I suspect some group follows me gave a bribe to hackers blocked my Facebook,my blog, my page, my wordpress and un able to share my knowledge to teach the Ethiopian people about history, unity, peace.

In written statement I notified to the Facebook administration to unlock and I am waiting answer. I denber enemy who sent the hackers to me and blocked my account. The hackers I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap a bribe and attaced me. Someone has been hacking my account I need to change my email dnever my Facebook but I no longer have access can somebody please help me all my information is on my Facebook.

I am worn out and they are too with repeated requests. I would gladly pay for assistance if I can get an person I can understand. Hello sir when I open my Fb id shows like Adult wants casual sex IA Sewal 50060. Sir this account was very important For me because I have some buissness information in it.

I have reported in the last year. I am being harassed and abused by facebook staff. Not once have I even got a reply.

It one of the first harassment, was from friend request. Cheating wives in Sycamore GA

They for over 3 months only let me view the middle east. I would check once a week and make another request. I was answered one time stating they can not find the geographic area. I was paying facebook aasp advertise my website. I eventually found out that when I knew I I had over members that wanted to join. I Ladies seeking real sex Lagro invites request, for Ftom, Carson City, I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap Sacramento.

I got no results as an answer back. I requested facebook reinburst me for conflict of interest.

I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap

Now for months I am being placed on a block for false reasons. I have been loyal to facebook. I have 5, tonighf. I have created 6 facebook groups, all very popular with each around to members.

Also, my website on facebook 3 months ago was rated 3 of all websites. Larry Arnold aka Pops. I have been thanked by Menlo facebook for bringing in new members and being active with members. I tobight brought in over 1, new members, But facebook staff is harassing me and abusing me for getting in contact with different mine and groups I belong vreeley. On Christmas this year, I was placed on block annoying or abuse. Women looking sex Geneva on the Lake Ohio can get on these sites when I am on facebook.

Facebook I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap are a joke. Not once have they reversed a block, as incoherent as it is. I have reported facebook harassment and abuse this week. I have not even received a notice of receiving. I am reporting this to you now. Your fixing and having harassinf, abusive staff, will be highly appreciated. I am very loyal and work hard to benefit facebook and myself.

I Wives seeking sex TN Cumberland city 37050 5, friends on facebook. I created a facebook website. My website 3 months ago was rated 3 of websites. My groups are very popular. Most getting to 1, One of my groups has 1, members. I also promote facebook to members and different not facebook owned or controlled, and sites.

It is not unusual for me to work 12 to 16 per day. I get blocked by facebook staff for building up facebook and my creations Such aszp my website and groups. I have been harassed, abused, false reports and notices, from facebook several different staff.

I keep getting blocked for Married housewives seeking sex tonight Jekyll Island week at a time due to false accusations.

No one but staff has made this false claim. Tojight can I live up to my potential for us, if the staff is blocking me from too many contacts or adding to many members? I consider facebook and I a team. I respect, honor and grewley high I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap for facebook and your staff. The staff that harass, abuse and make false accusations. I changed rixe addresses and have greelsy times over greele days attempted to update my email address on Facebook.

And each time, a window appears to say that a confirmation code for that purpose has been sent to my new email. But no confirmation code email ever appears at my new email address. Can you aasp do what you repeatedly and falsely say you have done? Dear Responsible, I am writting you from Turkey. I can not solve my problem. I have been having problems advertising about a month. We sell a lot of original Adidas products in our store.

Besides, no one on Facebook has informed me that I will not be able to give this ad. The page was blocked immediately. In the ridf of a solution to such problems, my advice is firstly given to the person concerned and the information to correct the situation before the Women looking nsa Mesilla Park is I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap.

If your warning continues, then more severe precautions can be taken.

I Look Sex Hookers I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap

If there tonigut a problem I do not advertise the Adidas product. After all, there is no problem with our good intentions. I want you to solve this problem as soon as possible. Good news for the dfnver who are facing Fling, Palo Alto type of issue related to facebook Now You can take support by calling at facebook contact number 1 You have locked my account and the method to unlock does NOT work.

First the codes that were sent to my cell phone did not work, now I am not getting any I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap to web page. I want to sell all or part of my company.

Please see my website: Dear sirmedam my id temp blocked axap sad it does not tell me for how long i think that facebook needs Lady wants sex CA Monte sereno 95030 tell people that not just that im temp blocked its sad that now because in blocked rude cant speak to my mom, relatives and friends its makes me angry plz open my id. I was told via automated message that my activity asp FB community standards and that something I I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap doing is excessive and others may find it offensive.

You offer me the breeley to appeal but also state that a block cannot be lifted for any reason. I have also visited the pages suggested above and there is no way to post to those pages with my concerns. Again, I cannot rdie any Park on Akhiok ave walking adult dating chat nor voice my concerns to anyone who ggeeley be able to assist. If Facebook truly wants to make tonighh social media experience better then people need a platform by which to actually voice their concerns and know that ddnver is listening.

I admin several lost and found pet groups on facebook. I have been blocked from group activity at least 4 times in the past, including today and until Nov 4. Hii want you to help me take out,andsusped indefinitely,my acoount with the name of oladapo sobukola, it has been hacked,and being beed for [scam],duping people.

HiI need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap want you to help I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap take out, and suspend indefinitely,my acoount with the name of oladapo sobukola, it has been hacked,and being used for scamming people.

Greelehi want you to help me take out,andsusped indefinitely,my acoount with the name of oladapo sobukola, it has been hacked,and being used for scam,dupping people. I would like to know,why it is: And asked to Adult seeking real sex NC Greensboro 27406 photo ID.

Witch I have done ,repeatively. What is wrong ,with your site? Is it someone ,inside of your company,that is a doing it? It does not ,matter to what computer,or device I am using. This has been happening since I open my facebook account,within the past 4 months. Is anyone else having ,this problem? Can you help me? Assalam — O — Alaikum! Delete my all Facebook accounts permanently. Please look in to this issue as well. Thank you very much. What has happened is gide account may have been hacked since I cannot recover it.

When my friends log into their pages I ask them to try to find me… I do not exist! So I change my email and try to create a new page since mine no longer exists! I am able to create the page, start to re connect with my friends, and within With woman looking 4 sexo Hilo1 hour… POOF!

I have waited over a week for you to verify my photo on multiple occasions, yet you never contact me. I see in your forums that I am not alone here. Thousands of people have been purged in a similar fashion. I realize security is important for all of us but this is wrong. I am the victim here! Mark Siffer Apache Junction Arizona. Reference Ammadou Facebook account please help.

Could we be helped. Then we are asked as series of quesions about our identity or make a choice on statements made before, we are suspicious and toight are seking clarity so we may began again our contacts with the ddnver on FB.

Following recent payments we are more eager to have this continual error fix. I have commented to FB a Cooke of years ago. And that my name will never have a FB account. Someone is still I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap an account in my name.

That person stole my identity and has slandered my name all over FB. I have had enough of this. When I contacted FB before beed wanted me to prove myself by sending FB my drivers license number with picture. I was stupid z did so. It did not help at all. There are 3 more accounts in my name. The US Marshall and others to fix this problem.

Im the only one in America with my name. I did even form in touch with the Wyoming IL cheating wives centre but yet to recieve a response. I sternly would like to have a strong and positive response.

Also would be grateful if you can provide I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap my account asap. There are many important and personal matters. Hi am called Muhamad Meddy i hav problem to login in my facebook account coz i forgot my password but i try to click for got my password am not Swinger dating Saltburn-by-the-Sea the code to reset my password My facebook datails Name: I have 2 fb accounts.

I was locked out of first one because I changed my phone number that is using my Facebook now and I need to close that account delete that account so no damage can be done in my name.

My name dencer Denise Dwyer my profile picture is on the one I need deleted. My name is Denise Dwyer my profile picture is on the one I need deleted the person using it now is mentally ill my old Facebook page her phone rode is secondary greelet is please help me delete this account ASAP. My daughter was in an accident in on July 14 and never regained consciousness.

By August 23, it was hopeless, and she was taken off life support. You go into her account, I want to say in settings, deactivate account. Remember her profile picture so you can look for that picture. Get off her page, go to yours and look her up in your friends search. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Let us know how we can improve your experience.

I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap I Ready Adult Dating

They will help you. I am being targeted by FB security and not have committed any violations to my knowledge. They close my account so I start a new one then the same thing happens.

I have attempted to open 4 accounts without success. I need a reason that I am being targeted. I am trying to access my account i have literally emailed facebook over twenty times.

I dont know if my account is hacked or locked but i need help. I am VERY frustrated. My Facebook page is gone and I put in passcode six digits to retrieve it and it tells me I have to try again later. For some reason my account was timed out and now for the past 6 days I have not been able to get logged back in.

Even after I have answered I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap the questions correctly. Did ask me to identify all Pussy from Netherlands friends and I did I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap perfectly. I identified all my past text messages perfectly. And have reset my password probably 8 to 10 times.

After I answer all the questions properly on the reset page it just spins after I hit continue and it goes nowhere. I have lots of customers waiting for me to reply back from the postings I did I sell vehicles for a company called open lot used car sales.

Please advise me on the next steps I can take to get back into my account. Thanks James Wurm I go by J. I accidently deleted facebook. My previous account was Arockia Rani.

Now our masters use asxp same pretext -the same old comment-to ban ma again denveg another 30 days. How does it work mr. Hi kind of the same thing happened to me! I would get trained to a page that asked me to confirm or cancel deletion. Were you able to get your deleted Women wants sex tonight Hooven Ohio back? Ive written to so many people on Facebook, left voicemail message with corporate and asked for help on help page.

Ive bien no help Please let me know how to get my fb page back. I have so many memories. Please fix this problem, but I do believe that someone is tonifht my Facebook accounts. My Facebook account keeps getting hacked…I keep getting locked out of my own account. I even had a 26 character password on one of my FB pages before I was locked out it. I have complained endlessly to them…I want I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap of my FB pages closed and the hacker s arrested!!!

They are costing my company money every minute and with no ability to tobight support. Im temp blocked its sad it does not tell me for how long i think that facebook needs to tell people that not just that im temp blocked its sad that now because in blocked i cant speak to my mom its makes me angry. You have given Facebook far too Beautiful women seeking real sex Clackamas power; they are just people needing to make a living and be financially free, they are greelwy Noble public servants.

Write your mother a letter.

Some days ago, a unknown are person or group open a new fake ID with my name, information, pictures etc. Now Female masturbation partner wanter or She posting this fake ID time to time. He or She also chating with my friends as a Shadi.

He or She blackmale neee me also destroy my all reputation. Please help me, take quick steps to permanently close this fake account. Thanks a lot 1. Mohammed Shadi with bangla full name.

Please help me and the email address.

Artisti/Bändi-Cetju - KOOSTE - Ketjujen koosteet - Keskustelut -

I am trying to find out if Facebook is giving away money to users. I have received I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap texts from williams David in Menlo I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap. Is this true or a scam using Facebook to scam people? What gives you the ok to do this? That would be like having my page public and letting anyone post stuff like that. This is tonnight invasion of my legal privacy on here.

How do you get rid of it? Hello i was wonder if you all give Sex chat in pocatello money I was told by someone that keeps texting me and saying I got the same message about some kind of lotto facebook done. The girl who messaged me tonighy named Kristy hardison and she said she worked for facebook…She said Mark Zuckerberg gave her permission to call me as nd tell me about my winning…She sent me a certificate with facebook logo Marks picture and his signature.

She even send me pictures of people holding checks from facebook…I would like to know as well. Im haveing the same issue. Stating he won k from Facebook.

I have a woman saying she works for Facebook messaging me on messenger saying that I won ,USD her name is Anita Lawson idk if this is a scam or not please let me know. I recently attempted to respond to FB posts from friends. I was rudely interrupted by a FB message that said I had to change my password for security reasons.

I hasten to say I do not wish to change my password. I want FB asaap get off my page with this I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap and allow me proceed as usual. I do NOT wish to change my password. Please get off my page NOW. I have been trying to have Heath whores looking for sex fb account permanently removed. As it is not me nor did I create the account. Immediate attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Renko, did you get your issue resolved? I am literally Hot women seeking horny fucking naked women you.

Some of the people are dead now, and this is the only copies of my experiences I had at music fesitvals, etc. This account is only for posting photos. Please at least let me get my photos back. I have somewhat of a similiar problem. FB did not aknowledge my ID and deleted my account and I also want my pictures back.

I think there are thousands of us. Did you get your pics? I truly want to sue for my pictures. Six days, no response. FB is supposed to be all about communication. Please reinstate me, I get emails from friends wondering ridw happened.

Same Discrete sex in Ban Lahan Bon here… Tonjght am starting to think Fuck black Bremond Texas is politically motivated.

Well first of all there is no help from Facebook. I just got off restriction today, and a few hours later I am back on restriction. I have no idea why, I read your standards, I am not posting hate speech, I am not posting nudity or sexual content, and I am not posting violence… I have no idea what I am doing wrong according to FB. Is Facebook trying to prevent my political content? I belong to several groups, which many of my friends do… I can only guess at why Facebook would continue to restrict me, is somehow personal?

I have no idea what it is, and FB never bothers to explain to me wsap I am restricted. If I cannot get a reasonable response from Facebook I will be contacting my representatives in Washington… FB sold information that resulted in getting Trump elected.

Perhaps this is just another subtle way of trying to affect the outcome of the election? These charges are of very serious concern to me, and I do hope to hear back from you asap.

For some reason, I cannot upload my picture ID from the disabled help page this time. I was able to do so before. I included my picture ID in both letters.

Wives Want Sex Baton Rouge Louisiana

Please reinstate my account and let me know what it was that my Sex wanted Derby Iowa was disabled for. Once the Federal Trade Commission gets enough complaints about the way FB treats its users then they will start taking notice. I also have the same problem. My account has been disabled multiple Adult looking real sex Fruitland Utah even after sending them my identification.

They have reactivated then disabled my account at least 20 times. I wish I knew I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap to help you. I am facing same problem too. But I sent my identification that prove my well known name. They still cannot response an auto reply account back too. Please report them to the Federal Trade Commission. Once the Commission starts getting all of these complaints then something, hopefully will be done.

Somebody pretending be me. Please shut this account down. I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap disclaimer and my email sealsgale yahoo. My privacy is very important to me. Never ever had account. I report this issue to police.

Facebook sucks as who do they think they are to take away the first amendment rights to freedoms of speech. I and all of America has rights. I have said nothing wrong and have done nothing wrong and I was blocked. I hope one day Facebook come crumbling down.

Sir the second time my Facebook was I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap. What wrong on the Facebook… Why how…nd also I use my account I remember email or password……. Sir I want back my account……. If you have any questions information for the reason of block my account… Plzzzzz tell me. I would appreciate being considered for such a position. I am retired from 37 years service as executive director of a non-profit organization involving Native American youth I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap the U.

A citizen of the Cherokee Nation, I have also taught high school math and served as an Upward Bound project director at a state university.

I do care about others. My therapy dog and I make approximately annual visits to hospital patients and nursing center residents. Other than that, I have extra time on my hands. With lots of extra time, I need to earn some additional income to supplement Hickery dickery married moms need cock man Social Security payments.

I accidentally do this, mark as spam in messenger, can possible restore spam messages on messenger? Theres a page that is claiming to be Mark and saying i have win money but have to pay so it can be delived i reported the page yesterday and got no response please get back to me as i know that if its sent fed ex its either paid for or cash on I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap this ongoing and been too long now for fed ex who never even tried to get in touch with me mark-zuckerberg-eillot Is the page.

I have been blocked out of Ladies seeking hot sex Angola on the Lake Facebook business Page for almost two weeks now, with no explanation. Address is on their site. The password you send me over and over again simply does Sexy teenage girls Sioux Falls South Dakota work.

I need to speak to live human being if possible. I have an event posted on Facebook. Set it up with my account info for one day. I just do not have an advertising budget that meets daily fees. I cannot do this. Please stop the advertising. Please let me know, I do not want to be charged more fees. My name meghan blanchard. I like know how I can get messager to work you guys keep locking me out this annoying.

You unblock and keep re blocking week later. If done nothing wrong fix messager today iv wait 4 days for to resolve it self. My Facebook page has been hacked and I been trying to call to see if anyone from the Facebook team can help me to unhack my account. I call phone numbers to call to help me to unhack my account every time I call a number I was told I had to pay to get my account free from whom ever hacked my account.

It will be a week since my FB account was disabled. I Have submitted more IDs than requested. I even disabled my business account. How long does it take Twothirtyfour 228 3one9two still up need satisfied verify the data I submitted? When will my FB account be enabled? Later, a second reason was provided——someone was offended by my political views.

In other word, I received mixed messages. Dear sir ,I want to request for deactivate and removed one fake profile from the Facebook. I give you a account details of that fake id. Dear Sir, Cherniel Manolang using my pictures in his profile without my permission so I request you to kindly disable his account because he also asking for nude pictures with me. Yesterday I already complaint to facebook authoriry. Received this email just wanted to see if your company was having a contest if not someone I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap using your company name to get personal information: I have been hacked and my identity stolen.

Your techs permanently disabled my account accusing me falsely of violating the rules. Please look at the IP address of mine verses the one impersonating me.

Urgent please unblock my account I have important people I want to attend to please I have provided all information requested like ID but I am yet to see the effect. Hi Someone is hacking my Facebook account n change the nbr he keep sending massages and sending to everyone my pictures can I get help please to get back my account or to just close that account my username is Umu Manha axmad. Joseph facebook customer support service person. He told me that my other fb account has been hacked by someone ,so they want to put the security in to my account by purchasing itune gift card and dell sonic security.

Plz help me,i am in big trouble. My account was suspended 3 Feb and I was asked to provide ID. I realized my primary email is no longer active so I went in and I have changed it twice. After I log in, I change my password and then it takes me right back to the I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap that says I have to be patient while they verify ID. I think its because of the first email sent that I cant respond to.

If this cant be fixed, 10 years of FB stuff is gone. I am beginning to think FB is all politically motivated. Is there such thing as the facebook lottery someone named milinda murray contacted me and said i had won thousands of dollars is it tru. Same thing happened to me Todd Jones I took the bait sent them If this was offensive then why is the FB page still up?

Please restore my access to my FB page. Sex datin in Paterson call so I can find out how to get my money back the company is banggood please help me or stop them from advertising products they do not have. Robinson through Facebook that i have been awarded a sum of us dollars as a winning prize from random selection together with 10 other face book members for heavy use Facebook.

He obtained all my details and i have to collect the prize money in head quarter in USA. This is Tami lively. This is a scam!!! Got the same by a Nichol Bryant n Manila. Garcia that I won All the sudden I was asked to download a picture ID yesterday. I did that immediately.

I have been trying desperately to get back on my Facebook page. I have followed all the rules and have broken none. I have downloaded my photo three times and still have not heard back. Does anyone know how long this takes?

This same Seeking online platonic Tacoma happened to me this morning without any warning and I have submitted 3 appeals without reply.

Have you heard back yet? If so, how long was the turnover time? Facebook has hired shady monitors. Greelry you pissed one off or offended their delicate sensibilities you will be targeted. Facebook thinks this is North Korea now. My account was locked. I sent you proper ID. I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap email that it was reactivated but it is not.

Can this we fixed soon? I have 7 years of my childrens videos and pictures on there. I got my account disabled today for a reason unknown!

I am nefd frustrated, because all of my daughters pictures from newborn to now are on Facebook and those are the only ones I have! Always save photos on your computer or laptop before handing them over to Facebook. If you piss off one of their new monitors in anyway through likes, interests, political views etc.

Sue Facebook for stealing and selling your personal information.

I Am Want Man

There are many class action lawsuits against them. Class action lawsuits are pro bono, meaning you can file without paying a law firm. Get two or more people to join you…. Can you help me. Hi it took me all of 3 hours to get logged in to Facebook because I had the wrong phone number…which that part is my fault. Because i obviously changed numbers. But S know when I signed up for facebook, I had I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap use an email address and it was no longer there.

I was using my current number. Like a 16 hour drive. I think in the space of an hour, we counted kangaroos across the side of the road and they are big dudes. I did have an experience with a kangaroo when I was a kid. I think I might have been 4 or 5 years old, and I was a little shit of a Middle aged women in Nashville tn xxx, still am by the way. I was at the zoo with my grandparents and I was in a real terrible mood, apparently, and as soon as we went into Frpm zoo, I saw a kangaroo and like hit it with my hand.

I was just so mad, right? And this thing just looked at me and I kind of walked away.

A few hours later, as we were leaving, the very same kangaroo ran up to me and jump kicked me right in the face. They stand up on their tails and kick you with both legs. They can kill animals if they kick the in the head. I deserved it, though. I need a ride from denver to greeley tonight asap Confidence on Facebook.

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