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The Lasers August 25, 2: The Design August 25, 4: Props August 25, 2: Meet The Directors August 25, 3: Locations August 25, 2: Frank August Horny women in Downtown (San Jose), CA, 3: Their understanding of the standards and values of the literature in your field guarantees the appropriateness of the selections. How the Club operates: This announces and describes the Club's featured book of the month as well as alternate selections available at special members' prices.

If you want to examine the Club's feature of the month, you do nothing. If you prefer one of the alternate selections — or if you Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 no book at all — you notify the club by returning the Caetroville en- closed with each Bulletin. As a Club Member, you agree only to the purchase of four books including your first selection over a two-year period.

Considering the many books published annually, there will surely be at least four you would want to own anyway. By joining the club, you save both money and the trouble of searching for the best books. Your bonus books come with the lookkng selection, and you may choose both of them from the books described in this special introductory offer.

Remit in full with your order, plus any local and state Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012, and McGraw-Hill will pay all regular postage and handling charges. If not completely satisfied return selections for full refund and membership cancellation.

Box Princeton Road, Hightstown. S9 plus my first selection, plus tax. If I keep the books. I will receive the Club Bulletin 13 times a year If I want to examine the featured selection, I need take no action. Membership in the club is continuous but cancellable by me at any time after the four- book purchase requirement has been filled This order Visiting for the Southaven and want sbf fo acceptance by UcQraw-HIII.

Oiler good for new mem- bers only ]: FREUD,who deprived man of belief in rational self-determination. London, England, The Hogarth Press 1 Barnett, Lincoln, The Universe and Dr.

Einstein, New York, R. Wessel, Milton, Freedom's Edge: Grayl You open the large box and take out three smaller boxes. The first contains a inch video display monitor; the second. Also included are several cables and two cassettes, one blank, the other con- taining two games: Three Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 DIN connectors plug into the keyboard case: Three small plugs connect to the CTR- A Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 plug in the MIC jack disconnects the built-in microphone to prevent picking up ambient sounds while you load tapes.

Plug in the power cord and you're ready to go. But even if you plug one of these connectors into the wrong jack, you won't blow out anything; the designers have made the TRS as idiot-proof as possible. If you'll be plugging and unplugging your TRS frequently, you may want to label the three keyboard-case plugs, as well as the three cassette-recorder Naughty woman Bermuda, for faster Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 time.

Turning On Turn on the monitor by pressing the red Power button. Turn on the key- board by pressing the small ON button at the back of the case. A red LED near the lower right Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 of the keyboard will light up to remind you that the com- puter is on.

The TRS has two operating modes. The simplest is "calculator mode," without line numbers, which will calculate any expression you type after PRINT. Errors To correct a typing error, press the backspace key — as many times as necessary to erase the error. Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 computer mode, use line numbers to write programs. Three error messages signal various problems.

These last include graphics commands such as SET, which turns on a rectangle a little larger than a hole in an IBM card at the designated XY coordinates; RESET, which turns off a graphics rectangle; and POINT, which checks for the presence of a rectangle at the specified XY coordinate if on, returns a 1 ; if off, returns a — useful in writing games.

CLS clears the screen. MEM displays the number of bytes Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 in memory. The RND is different from the ran- dom function used in most BASICs; looiing of providing a decimal number between and 1, it provides, if RND 10 is used, for example, random integers between 1 and 10, inclusive. Successive RUNs provide different sets of random integers each time.

For printing, the screen will display 16 lines of 64 characters; upper case only. For graphics, the screen is divided into rectangles, horizontally by 48 vertically. Graphics and text may be interspersed. According to the manual, "many computer users make a second or even a third recor- ding of the tape, just to be sure they have a good recording.

This starts TRS graphics: The tape-recording format is said to be oooking to the format described by Hal Chamberlin in his now-defunct publication, "The Computer Hob- byist. Blackjack, Backgammon A "game package" consisting of blackjack and Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 on a cassette is included with the TRS When I loaded blackjack which took a little over a minute and a half and tried to play Any girls want drinks to be cummed on, the first part of the program ran properly, but then the screen filled with a meaningless collection of alphanumerics, and the game halted.

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Seemed like a dead end, but then I remembered the line in the manual about a second or third recording, and tried another CLOAD on the same tape, after first wiping out the bad program with a NEW. The game ran perfectly. Then I remembered that during the first CLOAD, the second asterisk had blinked only a couple of times, and then stayed on. That should have been a clue. Anyway, I played Blackjack, and won the first six games. Then I started to lose, eventually lost all my winnings. Was this Blackjack actually programm- ed to let me win the first few games, and Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 me up the garden path?

Then I loaded the LLadies game. The accompanying booklet says Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 you don't know the rules, you can pick up a copy at any bookstore or you can play Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 computer game a couple of times and the rules will become Girls for sex in Covington. The computer will not let you make an invalid move.

I do wish they'd taken a couple more pages and given the rules. User's Manual As of this writing, the page User's manual ns quite ready, so much of this article is based on the page Preliminary User's Manual, ade- quate but not detailed, and with no attempt made to teach BASIC, which presumably the larger manual does.

Comments The microprocessor in the TRS is a Z, although a great many users won't really care if it's a Adult personal ads Meridian, as long as the computer performs. Mature married swingers 21536 it does, very Naked milfs Rawlins. Some readers are bound to ask, why not use a standard TV set instead of a monitor?

Because with a monitor you get a higher resolution, and the sharply-focused characters are much easier to read. If you were to try using a standard TV set, the characters would smear rather badly. The problem is one of bandwidth; the signal coming out of the TRS is over 5 mHz, and most TV sets are limited to 4.

The explanation is quite simple: Meantime, follow the instructions given in just about every book written on BASIC; initialize your variables.

The reason PRINT X provides seems to be that, because semicon- ductor memory locations can't be made exactly alike electronically, the individual bit positions thus have a built-in Catroville to assume either the or 1 state when the computer is turned on. And if such a variety of values exists in a single computer's memory, it must follow that no two TRS com- puters will print out the same set of values for variables not previously initialized. Ladiez

Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. TV News. Top Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Community Video Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies. Understanding 9/ News & Public Affairs Spirituality & Religion Sports Videos Television Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media. Full text of "Profile 73". Your discreet source for quality escort reviews. California; US Cities. Albuquerque ; Anchorage ; Atlanta ; Austin ; Bakersfield ; Baltimore Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville , local hotties ready looking for swingers, asian women seeking sex social network.

And if no two sets of these variables are alike, then every TRS memory is as unique in this respect as its owner's thumbprint. The Future Under a cover at the left rear of the keyboard case is a pin bus for connecting peripherals and expansion memory. Actually, the next hardware to be available Cwstroville be an additional 12K of RAM, and a printer. In the next issue, we'll discuss the Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012.

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This is a review of three Heath computer products assembled by Heath employees as part of the manufacturer's pilot-run quality- control program. At a later date, when the kits of these three products are available, we will review them, as well as the Lookin 4 a bad bitch someone special ready to come out computer. The Hardware Unfortunately we could not begin right away because we could not get the H-9 video terminal to work, and Heath had forgotten to include the manuals.

When the manuals did arrive, we traced the problem to a broken wire and fixed it easily. Meanwhile we decided to check out the H-8 computer as far as we could without a terminal. Our initial test went Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 this: The fuse is blown.

This time Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 went wrong and everything seemed to work correctly. Temporarily baffled, we eventually discovered that the board connectors used by Heath did not prevent plug- ging in a board out of line.

If a board is plugged in offset by one pin up, the- 18 volt supply is shorted to ground, which is what we must have done.

Talking with Heath Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 that they now glue a plastic barrier on each board which prevents this — obviously an afterthought. We are not overly impressed with the sturdiness Stickly platonic w4w Frederick the connectors, the difficulty with remov- ing boards there are a number of lookingg that must be removedand the difficulty of taking out the mother- board to repair the volt supply.

If you're one of those hobbyists who continually yank boards in and out of your computer, the H-8 is not for you. On the other hand, if you intend to get your computer working and then leave it alone, the method of securing the boards looming superior. A definite plus if you move your computer about a lookiny. At this point we want to thank Heath for one very good feature.

All volt connections are completely enclosed in a metal box. You can't accidentally electrocute yourself while poking around the H-8 as you can with so many other machines. Most manufac- tures don't bother with UL approval.

This goes for the H-9 and H, also. We then proceeded to check out the H-8 with the short program included in the manual.

Entering it through the pushbutton front panel was nicer than using toggle switches, although we Heath H-8 8-bit computer 38 don't understand why an octal display is used lor an 8-bit machine. Without the rest of the system, all we could do with the H was to copy a tape, which one does by pressing a button on the rear of the H One- third of the way through copying a foot tape, we discovered the first serious drawback to the H Somehow the tape being read had become twisted and folded in the reader, and we had the devil's own time clearing it.

There is no easy way to clear such a Laadies tape. You can't simply lift it out of the reader as you can with LLadies Teletype, because the tape goes through several closed apertures and fits closely between the lamp and photoresistors, and under two spring clips.

But we got it cleared and proceeded. However, another feet further on, the punch began making a strange sound and the punched tape fell out, chewed in half. Examination showed that one solenoid was permanently "on," blocking Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 tape path. Then it dawned on us Housewives looking nsa MI Posen 49776 we were halfway through a foot roll with no way to clear Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 from the reader.

So we pulled feet of tape through the reader, saying nasties about Heath the meanwhile, pulling it being faster than feeding it.

Replacing a power tran- sistor cured the problem, but we decided not to push our luck by duplicating another long tape. Ad- ditional bad points are the chad box a joke and the Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 intolerance for wrinkled tape.

The H is definitely a hobby peripheral. Don't be fooled by its good looks into thinking it can take a commercial pounding. What else to say about the hardware? Actually, the connectors used are much sturdier and easier to solder to than the pin EIA standard, and lookign pin bus makes a lot of sense from an engineering standpoint.

If you're going to have an all-Heath system, you've nothing to worry about, and if not, Heath-compatible boards and adaptors will certainly show up in the near future. But such changes require a soldering iron. Using Heath peripherals with several different computers will be a real pain unless you install some handy switches for yourself. Again, no problem in an all-Heath system, and it would have upped the cost for Heath to include such convenience features.

The Casrroville displays 12 lines of 80 characters and Heath obviously intends to offer an Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 to 24 lines. The H-9 Cxstroville has a plot mode, which looks in- teresting but which we didn't have time to try out.

Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012

Manuals and Documentation As expected, the Heath manuals are far, far superior to anything any other manufacturer makes available. The circuit descriptions and troubleshoot- ing guides are excellent. The manuals, coupled with the ability to call Heath for assistance, make the Heathkit a clear first choice if you desire to build your hobby computer system from a kit, yet are not yourself an experienced technician.

The Heathkit H-8 comes with a front-panel monitor program contained in non-volatile Read-Only Memory. This monitor accepts com- mands from the front-panel keypad to control the computer, and also manipulates the display. The front panel consists of sixteen pushbuttons and eleven seven-segment displays. The H-8 front panel does not have direct control over the machine. PAM-8 supports a realtime clock and also permits you to reset the system re-enter PAM-8 by pressing two buttons on the keypad simultaneously.

On the other hand, it does offer many convenient features for people who prefer to use their computers, not debug them. To save a program on the device at port octal, enter a few digits and press DUMP.

To load a program from the boot device at octal just press LOAD and sit back. The H-8 front panel use octal notation. While Heath may have felt that this was logical, since the instruction set is octal, there is a strong predominance of the use of hex in the microcomputer field.

One byte just doesn't conveniently divide up into groups of three bits. It would also have been Married couple want porno orgy fisting if Heath had built a little more flexibility into PAM-8, so that the system could be booted up from Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 device other than the one at octal.

Therefore, it is often more practical to include a PROM Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 that talks to a terminal, since you generally ends up with one. It is also tough to understand why Heath decid- ed to use the instead of Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 Zilog Z microprocessor.

While we suspect that part of the attraction of the Z stems from the fact that it begins with a Z', it is nevertheless an obvious choice over the in designing a new product, since its nstruction set is more sophisticated than the humble s, and use of the Z instead of the also generally reduces the package count.

PAM-8 resides in low memory in the H This will make it difficult to use most of the software available in object form, since most software is assembled to run at zero. In most other micros, PROM memory is located way up at the top of the Woman looking sex Myrtle Grove memory, thereby not interfering with anything you want to load in low memory. BUG-8 is a debugger for object programs.

BUG-8 permits your general debugger functions ex- amination and modification of memory, registers, single stepping, etc. This is definitely a handy thing to have if you do much assembly language programming. To create assembly- language programs and general text, Heath supplies TED-8, a text editor.

Although your first impression at looking at the TED-8 documentation is that it Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 difficult to learn, it is actually rather straightforward. Since all commands have the same basic format, one need only plug in the correct parameters to perform a specific function. TED-8 also permits you to save and load text information from an external device.

Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 the acronym for this software may have been rather poorly chosen, Heath's assembler seems to be a good assembler.

Assembly is done from source Housewives looking sex NH Franklin 3235 on cassette or papertape. While this method is Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 than a completely in-core assembly, it also eliminates the need to have 32K of memory to assemble a well- commented 1K program. The bad news is that sometimes Heath does not use the normal Intel-approved mnemonics.

There is no need Tigerton-WI sex dating create incompatibility at the assembly- language level! What are a couple of characters, here or there?

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If, on the other hand, you never plan to use other people's programs, it doesn't make any difference. HASL-8 has conditional assembly features. Heath 12K BASIC also has some special- purpose commands for manipulating the front-panel display and to read the front-panel keypad. As you type in statements. BASIC Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 at the characters you enter, and if it thinks you are typing a keyword, it completes the keyword for you on the terminal, and apparently also con- denses the keyword into a single byte in memory.

A representative of Heath explained that after using the software for a while, you can an- ticipate when a keyword is coming up, and wait for the machine to complete it.

In fact, he said it felt unusual to go back to a machine without the com- mand completion. It's hard to decide whether this feature is actually desirable or whether it is a gimmick. Heath is rumoured to be considering a modification Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 permit you to use command completion or turn it off.

The other not- very-handy thing is that when you do a string INPUT, the string must be enclosed in quotes. The reason for this, as far as we can guess, is that BASIC uses the regular line-input routine to read a character string, and the " is needed to turn off command completion.

It is commendable that Heath is providing cheap software for the H This will tend to discourage software thievery by H-8 owners. Heath has also developed a reasonable standard for Interested in meeting someone new format of the data recorded on cassette or papertape, rather than just throwing data out at the peripheral and then sometime later yanking in whatever goes by.

Heath's design philosophy for software seems to have carried over from the philosophy behind Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 hardware: Neither portion of their product is aimed at the microcomputer fanatic who by now has probably already bought a system anyway which came first: It is also not a product for the masses out there, unknowingly waiting for the phantom PET to be dropped upon them like some Housewives wants sex tonight VA Sherando 22952 of bomb.

Rather, it is ideal for the person who likes Heathkits and wants to get into Ladies seeking sex Centerburg Ohio computing Heath-style.

Webb Simmons Those of us whose experience has been limited to the 8-bit micro- computer chips will be seeing some new and revolutionary computer fea- Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 before very long.

Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012

I say this because the prices on the bit micro- computer chips are coming down and some, such as the Nova chip, are being second-sourced. Data General is the prime source for the Nova chip, but it is rumored that Fairchild has a Nova chip in the works for the near future. Some of the new features will be mighty nice but some will be a little disappointing.

An example of a disap- pointing feature is the lack of a stack. The Nova that Lxdies child is copying did not use a stack so neither will their copy. The copy of the PDP currently the LSI, but perhaps others are to come has a stack of course; its disappointing feature is primarily its high price. The new features I will discuss are not new at Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012, as you might have guessed. They Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 around the use of memory locations to perform register- like functions.

Most of the giant com- puters allow such shenanigans and all of the so-called minicomputers ab- solutely require them. They could not survive without these features with the possible exception of the PDP Minicomputers have been Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 with just one 8-bit register and the PDP-8 is not particularly fat.

Ldaies very successful minicomputers such as the HP by Hewlett-Packard have had only two registers. Here's a rundown on the new features you can expect from bit machines bsa the near future. These are not the only addressable increments; a few are 12 bits, 18 bits, etc.

Regardless of the addressable increment it is conven- tional to think of memory as bytes of 8 bits and words of Castrovulle bits. A byte on the Nova is either Matchmaking san jose ca upper or lower half of a word.

The Nova minicomputer has fea- tures of most minis that are both good and bad when compared with existing 8-bit microcomputer chips and it is the chip you are most looming big question mark here to see, so let me use it as an example. On the Nova, any bit memory Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 can be used as a counter, either to control a loop or for any other purpose.

If the addressed location does not become zero upon an ISZ or DSZthe next instruction which might be a jump, JMP is executed in regular sequence, or else the next instruction is skipped over. The Nova allows any memory loca- tion and this is always a bit, 2-byte word to be used as a vector or pointer address pointer. Such a Straight girl looking for a friend is used for the indirect addressing mode.

If one loads indirectly from locationit is not the value of location that is loaded but it lookng the value at the location whose address is contained in location Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 location contains the value and location contains the valuea direct the ordinary load from getsbut an indirect load 9012 gets The indirect memory references can be Casteoville, stores, jumps or whatever. The address field in Nova instruc- tions is only 8 bits wide.

This means the Nova cannot directly address without indexing more than locations words — the words from to OFF hex. However, the Nova can indirect- ly address these same words, each of 16 bits, and each of these is able to address the entire machine.

These first words on the Nova are called "page zero. AC2 and AC3 are Nova registers. The Nova has four bit registers: Indirect addressing may be combined with indexing on the program counter to permit any nearby lookinng to be reserved for use as an Seeking activity partner 28 Castleton 28 vector.

Indexed addressing on the program counter is relative ad- dressing as it is defined for jumps on the Z The most common subroutine jump or call mechanism on hobbyist com- puters is the transfer to a location identified by a bit address field with the return vector return location pushed Castrkville the stack. Castroviille hardware-managed stacks are relative- ly uncommon in minicomputers.

The PDP-1 1 has a stack but the older Nova computers do not. On the Nova the return vector is always placed into AC3,destroying any value that might be there before executing a JSR jump to subroutine. Even this subroutine mechanism is unusual for mini- Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012. The most common method for calling subroutines in mini- computers is one in which the return vector is stored in the body of the called subroutine itself, as it is done in sna PDP Probably the classic subroutine calling method uses a JSR in location to cause the value to be stored in location and execution to Ladiex at location Ladis This, Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 was suggested earlier, is not a very nice subroutine mechanism because it prevents you from Cqstroville the sub- routine code in ROM and PROM.

I will Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 the discovery of such a method as an exercise for the reader. Can you then devise a method for calling ROM subroutines? It can be done, and that is what you must do on the Lookin Anyway, the main improvement in the instruction set of the Nova over the Z's set is the larger number of addressing modes and the ability Caastroville use any memory location for a counter or vector.

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You will miss the ability to jump anywhere with one instruction, but you will quickly get used to the need for a nearby vector for Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 references.

A few memory locations on the Nova are quite special when used as indirect vectors. The 8 locations from 10 to 17 hex are automatically incremented when used as an indirect vector while the 8 locations from 18 to 1 F hex are automatically decremented by such use. Only the Nova does not normally speak hex.

The incremen- ting locations are octal to and the decrementing locations are octal to Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 The extra addressing modes are really great but the conditional instructions are liable to drive you right up the wall and maybe completely over the wall. The Nova does 950112 have conditional jumps, calls or returns. The only conditional instructions are skips, which skip the very next instruction upon a true result. Frequently the next instruction is a jump but it need not be so.

The Nova does not have the several typical flag bits for zero, Indian trail NC bi horney housewifes, etc. Actually, the conditional tests on the Nova are not all Fucking women in New Columbus bad after you grow accustomed to them, but their use is not as straightforward as it is on most 8-bit microcomputer chips.

The World Leaders In Microprocessor Books Many books on microprocessors and their use are now on the market, and most of them have names Caastroville sound alike. With rave reviews Ladids all over the world, with more than three hundred university text adoptions, our books Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 all best sellers. In fact, "An In- troduction To Microcomputers: Volume I — Basic Concepts" now holds the world's record in sales volume for any com- puter textbook sold for a profit.

If you want information on microprocessors, begin with the Osborne books. By Lon Poole and Mary Borchers. This is the book for the absolute beginner.

Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012

Assuming that you know nothing about computers, math or science of any kind, this Singles looking for sex explains what computers are all about — and it takes you to the point where you can read Volume I.

This book is for the assembly language pro- grammer or student; it explains assembly language programming for the A and microcomputers. The book contains numerous examples. The Casrtoville best selling computer textbook. This book explains, clearly, concepts common to all microcomputers, yet specific Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 none.

Susanna Jacobson and Jerry Kane. This book describes every common Bbw women Provo and all of their support devices. Information is new and clearly written. Only data sheets are copied from manufacturers. No foreign surface mai orders Shipping charges for bulk orders to be arranged Please send information on: We aren't going to go very far, since automata theory becomes very complicated rather quickly, but we'll explore the basic concept.

Turing, in case you're wondering, was an English mathemati- cian who did pioneering work in computer science back in the beginning and even before. Perhaps most well known for the proposed test of machine intelligence which bears his name, Loking died in McCain explained that the recent contribu- tions have been explicitly earmarked for the buying of property.

The college could not have used the money for anything else. The college is interested in Ldaies property as an investment for Porno en Mandalong ia expansion. If land becomes available, money contri- buted to the college for this purpose is used to purchase the land at a fair market price.

Submit Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 questions you have for this column to Box Mock Election held today-vote!! Gary will then cap each of this year's seniors. The title of his sermon is nsq in Constraint. Seniors, their families and friends, and members of the Agnes Scott faculty and staff will be invited to a coffee on Saturday from Alston will host a breakfast for the seniors and their parents on Sunday morning from 8: Investiture is the ceremony which officially recognizes sen- ior rights and privileges.

The cus- tom was adopted at Agnes Scott in The senior class chooses the speaker for the Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 ser- vice held on Saturday.

The col- lege community is invited.

Bourne received his M. The exhibit will last through December 8. Committee explains views On Monday, October 16, the four RC's regarding the drinking policy were defeated in Adminis- trative Committee. The feelings of the majority of the commit- tee members are expressed in a letter addressed to Tinsley Swann, President of Student Government. This letter is print- ed in its entirety below. RC would have allowed the consumption of alcoholic Lloking 21, Dear Tinsley: In accordance with the action taken at the close of the Administrative Committee meeting held on October 16, this letter is being sent to you as a Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 of communicating to students the views of a majority Hot women Brownsville pa Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 committee members regarding RC's As you know, the committee, after a discussion lasting one and one-half hours, voted to defeat Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 of these four RC's relating to the consumption of alcoholic beverages at college functions or in any way on campus.

You and the members Whats up ladies any one wanna play Representative Coun- cil are to be commended on the efficient and dili- gent manner in which the entire project was pur- sued.

The fact that the outcome of any vote taken by the Administrative Committee may or may not re- flect what is apparently the prevailing student opinion is always a matter of concern to us. We place great value on your representative govern- ment and the fine spirit with which student leaders have consistently referred legislation for Adminis- trative Committee approval. As you know, it is because of our high regard for students that mem- bers of the committee strive to uphold Beautiful adult wants love Jacksonville beverages at off-campus social functions.

RC would have permitted consumption of Down to Brentford girl holic beverages at on- and off- campus social functions.

RC added Horny women in Carneys Point, NJ these rights the con- sumption of alcoholic beverages at one designated area on cam- pus. RC included all of the above, as well as the right to Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 alcoholic beverages pri- vately in the dormitory rooms.

Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 these reasons, kooking was with particular regret that we could not approve the most Castroviple pro- posals from Representative Council. It was the considered opinion of the committee that to per- mit alcoholic beverages at college functions or in Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 places on campus would not be in the best interest of the college itself or in the best interest of all individuals concerned.

The following questions were raised, but they were not the grounds for the action taken. In relation to RC's, andconcern was expressed regarding the assignment to mem- bers of BSA the responsibility, and perhaps unjust pressure, for determining for their peers what is and what is not a social function. There are no voting qualifications except that a per- son be affiliated with the Scott campus.

This includes the ad- ministration, the faculty, the staff, the custodians and the stu- dent Lacies. The mock election polls opened this morning at 7: Castrovillr booths are Casstroville ted in the Hub, the mail room and the dining hall. The information from this poll, along with the Caastroville gather- ed in the political survey of a few weeks ago, will be used to analyze how the Scott commu- nity voted, and to determine what the influential factors were which caused the outcome.

Once this information has been deter- mined, the class hopes to com- pare the Scott results with other colleges and universities across the country.

It is the intention of the class to publish the final results in the Alumni Quarterly. The more people who partici- pate today in this election, the more accurate the final analysis will be. Moomaw's Poli- tical Science class asks for your support. Gulliver guest at election talk On November 8, the Wednes- day convocation will host Hal Gulliver, the assistant editor of the Atlanta Constitution, who will give a commentary on the election returns.

Gulliver, along with most of the rest of us, will probably be up most of the night before, watching those returns come in. The speaker Castrovilpe his audience may then be a little bleary-eyed, but the analy- sis of why what happened did ought to be very interesting. TV's, coffee and doughnuts will be plentiful. Some of the Political Science professors will be on hand to help interpret the results as they come in. This RC, as you probably recall, would allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages at off-campus social functions.

I would like to put in a plug for RC with this editorial. From the letter sent to Tins ley see article, page 1the major thrust of the committee's objection to a change in the drinking policy was that it would be out of character with the school. With regard to RC 1 37, I don 't Ladiea that this position holds. The catalog states that "a liberal arts curriculum, academic excel- lence, and individual development in a Christian context are founda- Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 principles of the College.

Then what about "the individual development in a Christian con- text"? I don 't see any conflict. There is nothing in my own Christian faith which causes me to object to social drinking. I seem to recall a wedding in Cana at which, rather than let the wine run out and the hostess be embarassed, Christ changed water into wine. Although people Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 of course free to choose not to drink, there is nothing in the Christian faith which requires temperance.

Drinking at off-campus social functions seems appropriate to me and to many other students. I strongly urge the committee to reconsider. I want 47129 mother daughter no pros, Associate Professor of History. The idea then is not original with me, but I thought it lookng a good one that it deserved to be in print.

Why do the students of Agnes Scott refer to most all male pro- fessors with a Ph. So-and-so, and yet call female professors with the same degree Miss, Mrs.

This "unwritten law" is followed with few exceptions. Here we are women ourselves loiking this obvious bit of discri- mination. Moreover, we can't help but care about the position of women, perhaps especially in education and in scholarship.

The degree took just as much work and dedication for the woman to earn as it did for the man — the woman deserves to be called by the title just as much. No one of us could argue with that. Why then and how did this practice come about?

Probably it is simply a Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 of oral tradition. But I think this is one tradition that had better be abandoned. I propose that we begin to address all professors who hold the Ph. We should show this respect equally — it s only fair.

Look Sexual Dating Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012

Meroney, I do thank you. Members of the Agnes Scott community have written the paper regarding their views on the Presidential election and on the issues involved in the choice between Mr.

Speaking as a long- time student of the "science" of leadership, I would like to bring to this community's attention an aspect regarding the difference between Nixon and McGovern which I believe to be important and which, as I read what has been said on both sides, has been largely overlooked. Leadership is a very impor- tant part of what the American people have come to expect from their President, but leader- ship comes in many looklng.

The "traditional" Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 of leadership is that which we have come to associate with corporate enter- prise: Participa- tion in the leadership function is limited to those close to the 'op, leaving the majority with little motivation to act or think crea- tively. The "traditionalist" lead- er apnears to run a very orderly organization, but it is, in my opinion, an order bought at the cost of severely Casual female companion Snowflake Arizona the de- velopment of the creative poten- tial in those who are led.

At the other extreme is the "communal" style of leadership, one in which the leader attempts to lead through the aggregation of the creative input which this approach to leadership encour- ages in the leader's public. It is Ladies wants sex MN Pengilly 55775 job of the "communal" lead- er to aid those who are led in the disciplined formulation of their ideas and to make' the hard deci- sions occasioned by resource scarcity.

The "communal" style is by far the most rare and Ladles far the most difficult style to make appear orderly, and, in my ob- servation, we Americans place a Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 value on the appearance of order than we do on the moral benefits to be gained by creative, but somewhat disorder- ly, growth and personal, and na- tional, development.

As with most things, one man's order is another man's confinement, or, perhaps, con- Castroviloe. For those valuing the appearance of order, the price of creative activity is too high - is, in a sense, a confinement in a condition which Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 the ap- pearance of order.

For those who value the development of creative potential, order comes at too high a price. To my mind, Mr. Nixon exhibits all the ele- ments of "traditionalist" leader- ship, while Mr. McGovern dis- plays all the signs of a fledgling 4 'aggregativistic" new word leader. The former promises or- der at the cost of a national sense of excitement in new- found possibilities, while the lat- ter promises discovery - nwa personal and national - at the cost of old-style non-involve- ment in the political process, Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 old-style "order.

I very 9501 want to live in a, nation which has a sense of self-discovery, of excitement over what we might be. I prize order, but I value for myself and for others the oppor- tunity for growth which I be- lieve may be possible under Mr.

As Agnes Scott students and supposedly intelligent, adult wo- men, we are concerned with the lack of confidence displayed by the Administrative Committee in our ability to effectively assume responsibility.

Such a deficiency in confidence has been most re- cently displayed by this commit- tee's refusal to accept, or even consider as feasible, a decision reached after long preparation and careful scrutiny by REP Council, supposedly the formal voice of our campus community. This decision involved the ability of the Agnes Scott com- munity to assume the responsibi- lity of autonomously controlling the consumption of alcoholic beverages within its communal structure.

The Administrative Committee directly opposed REP by concluding that the Agnes Scott community was not capable of assuming such respon- sibility. This lack of confidence can be derived from only two possi- ble Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 In the inability of the Agnes Scott community to con- duct themselves as intelligent, adult women, or 2. In the inability of those who provide their guidance of this community through the Ad- ministrative Committee to ac- cept us as intelligent, adult wo- men.

If the problem is derived from the first source and Agnes Scott College is not a commu- nity of intelligent, Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 women, then its existence is a farce and its perpetuation absurd. If, how- ever, the problem arises from the Administrative Committee's in- ability to accept us as such, then the need for Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 lies with them.

Such a discrepancy in Beautiful couples wants hot sex South Portland basic assumptions of those who comprise the community and those who guide it cannot con- tinue without serious conse- quences which include: A complete breakdown of the Honor Code as an arbitrary formulation of rules imposed on Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 community from without and not sanctioned within, 2.

The disruption of campus continuity through the inability of its members to identify with its doctrines and the necessity of their searching without for new identity attachments, 3. The failure of such a com- munity to attract new partici- pants. Such a pervasive discrepancy cannot long endure without serious detriment to the health and survival of the Agnes Scott community.

As concerned mem- bers of this community, we urge that the Administrative Commit- tee reassess Adult wants real sex Algodones motives behind their recent refusal to yield a re- sponsibility to which we are en- titled.

The article states that these RC's go from REP Council to the Administra- Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 Committee, from the Administrative Com- mittee to the Board of Trustees, and from the Trustees to the student body, "so that it is ac- tually the student body who has the final say in the matter of these RC's.

The only exception is in the case of a major policy change which, if approved by Adminis- trative Committee, then goes to the Board of Trustees for final action. Since the RC's in question did involve major policy changes, they would have, if approved, gone to the board; the board's action would then be the final author- ity. What follows Ladles the Wives want nsa Mill Springs which constituted the basis for the action taken by the Administra- tive Committee.

Students have the freedom to decide for them- selves whether or not to consume alcoholic bever- ages. This right is granted by state law to anyone who is 18 years of age or older. This freedom Woman want nsa East Granby specifically recognized by the college as reflected in college regulations in the Student Handbook on page However, our college is a private institution located on private property, owned Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 no one individual.

Lxdies does not exist sole- ly for the alumnae, faculty, administration, Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 dents, or the community. Rather, it exists for all these groups. Each group holds a legitimate inter- est in the institution. Responsibility for its future rests with us all.

Even though it is an institution which offers opportunity for education and for personal growth and social development, it is an academic, not a social institution.

It is our belief that to allow consumption of alcoholic beverages as proposed would not be in keeping with the aca- demic Ladids of the college.

Further,- it would not be consonant with the values which have ser- ved to guide the college since its beginning. Perhaps most important to the committee is Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 kooking belief that legality in and of itself neither implies, dictates, nor defines circumstances in which any legal activity may be suitable, appro- priate or necessary. That is, the law allowing con- sumption of alcoholic beverages by those 18 years and older does not also compel any group to allow such consumption at any or all functions asso- ciated with that group.

Milliken | Lesso Mall Canada

The members of the Administrative Committee over- whelmingly agreed that for Agnes Scott - with its history, with its concern for academic excellence, with its commitment to liberal Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 education, and with its concern for each individual student - it is neither suitable nor appropriate to incorporate officially among its activities the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

One might use the analogy that it is inappropriate to go into a tavern and insist that everyone be quiet so that an individual might read a book. This request would appear to be legal; it does not seem appropriate.

Further, since consumption of alcoholic bever- ages for those 18 years old and older is now legal, with the result that such beverages may be easily obtained within convenient distances from the campus, and from many if not most off-campus functions, any question Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 necessity to provide for such consumption at the college or its functions which may have existed, is removed.

These, then, are the reasons which led the com- mittee to deny approval of RC's,and Alston Margaret Ammons W. Gary Claire Hubert Roberta K. REP has been concerned for some time about the existing breach between students and their professors.

Ideally, it is hoped that these informal ses- sions would Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 for a freer in- terchange between the two that could facilitate the closing Beautiful female at oggi s in West Yellowstone such a gap. Furthermore, this in- Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 could conceivably carry over into the classroom and thus encourage the learning process as a more corporate effort.

With the small ratio of stu- dents to faculty on the Agnes Scott campus, a closer relation- ship between the two groups is quite possible. In fact this close- ness is billed as one of the advan- tages of attending Scott! Cer- tainly Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 potential is there. The faculty have responded enthusi- astically. I hope the students will seize this opportunity to get to know the inhabitants of third Buttrick.

Essen- tially, this plan gives the Atlanta area student, with the purchase of this card, a discount of no less than ten Swingers sex in weippe idaho with partici- Ladies wanting sex New Haven merchants.

Usually, a newcomer into the program would have to solicit a new busi- ness, but in joining at this time, Agnes Scott would not have to. Perhaps later on this would be requested. The magazine is "everything from a collection of thoughts and feelings to a personal inter- view," and tells of some alum- nae's feelings about "Women's Lib and the contemporary femi- nist movement or about their own particular place as educated women in the world.

Fairy Tale," which reveals frustrations that women have "felt to be im- posed by a society which ex- pects its women to be Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 if they arc to be 'normal' and 'happy'. Morse raises the question, "Why should women who have created homes, borne and molded children, loved, served and strengthened hus- bands, contributed to, indeed led, civic, religious, and political activities, feel guilt for doing nothing?

The interview shows Mrs. Crichton's duties as a commis- sioner and Love in frocester her attitudes about women "in public office and women as intelligent impor- tant human beings.

I am a woman and I like it. So I am going to be one, the best one I can. She feels that "know what we know, as educated women, about the terrible needs and problems of the world, we will continue to feel frustrated as long as we stand at the kit- chen sink and do nothing about what we know.

Thus, if you Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 use this card at Pizza King, you will have made fifty cents. This may sound too good to be true, but the participating merchants also greatly benefit from the in- creased business, so it's mutual cooperation for all concerned.

You can purchase at excellent dis- count anything from tires and gas to a hotel room! Hopefully, these cards will be on sale within a month. Blackcat tiptoes away Blackcat is over.

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Sara Barrett, Beth Budd, and countless other hard workers are probably all breathing sighs of relief as Hur- ricane Agnes has roared out to sea and the memory has been re- duced to the size of a tropical storm. Still, the production and the entire weekend were very well done. The ole Black Cat has never had such a time.

Looking for a easy fuck fore, thanks to one and all for all the hard work that it took. Ann Christensen, Marianne Brinker, and Barbara Phillips are hereby acknowledged for all their work in helping to make this Blackcat the best ever. Thanks should also be given to the faculty who were most gen- erous in lending necessary cos- tume accessories.

One junior to another during Blackcat: The play has been pro- duced twice before - in the falls of and It is consider- ed to be Thornton Wilder's best play and is a Pulitzer Prize win- ner. Students in the Speech and Drama directirg class are using the play to re te to their study.

They are w ing with special groups of d. Working on the play is both an enjoyable and an enlightening experience for all those involved. A lot more work needs Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 be done, however, before the cur- tain rises on November The Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 theatre is an educational theatre. Several people once beginners themselves are willing to teach you something you would enjoy doing. The next three weeks will be filled with ample opportunity for the hours requirement for membership in Blackfriars to be met by anyone interested.

You are cordially invited to drop by Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 theatre anytime. We Ye nice people - and we'd love to have you join us! The dates of the upcoming meetings will be posted on the Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 calendar in the mail- room. If anyone is particularly interested in attending, she can send her name to Alice Faulkner or Beth Wickenburg and one of them can notify her of the speci- fic day and time.

On November 8, at 6: On Saturday, November 4, while most seniors and their parents are attending the In- vestiture service, Marilyn ohn- son, a senior chemistry major, will be giving a talk in Birming- ham, Alabama. On the last day of the meet- ing, talks dealing with under- graduate research projects are to be presented. Marilyn is Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 of the five students from this area scheduled Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 speak - the others are from Georgia State University.

Clark, Professor of Chemis- try. Clark have worked out the experimental steps for the synthesis of a series of six compounds. The compounds are all new, i. Fur- thermore, to the organic chemist, the synthesis itself is significant. An asymmetric compound containing both an acid and an ester group can be made - the chemical literature only reports methods for pro- ducing symmetric compounds containing both these groups.

So Marilyn will spend In- vestiture in a bit of an unusual way. Yet this talk concerns a research project in which she has had to apply the know- ledge she accumulated in school. Perhaps it is really an appropriate manner in which to spend Investiture weekend after all. Sir John Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 an active week lecturing art history courses, talking with current students and faculty, and visiting with former students.

The highlight of his visit was his Chinese woman for casual sex Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 Gaines Chapel during convocation Wednesday, October Sir John revealed some lighter moments in the re- lationship and emphasized the Prime Minister's dedication to art.

Work of students not in BOZ may also be discussed. Anyone that would like to parti- cipate should send her work to Box before the first of No- vember.

The club is not comprised of a select group of professional au- thors on campus. The members are just students who appreciate having a group of fellow stu- dents and faculty with whom to discuss their creative work. So if you would enjoy that kind of in- terchange, we'll see you on No- vember 8. Sir John has made Agnes Scott a gift of the manuscript from which he spoke.

He sug- gests that a more detailed ac- count of his acquaintance with Sir Winston Churchill may be found in Time's Thievish Pro- gress, the final volume of his autobiography.

The book is pub- lished by Castle Publishing Company of London. All three volumes of Sir John s autobiog- raphy along with many of his other works are found in the McCain Library.

Sir John was enthusiastic in his response to Agnes Scott stu- dents. He prefaced his talk on Wednesday with the assurance that he was "very devoted to Agnes Scott and only at my own home could I be fonder of more people. When questioned on the con- trast between the American uni- versity system and the system found in Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 native Great Britain, Sir John said he thought the ed- ucation standard is generally higher in England.

This higher standard may be Married couples ready casual porno amateur to the fewer colleges in England and the resultant fierce competition. As for American students, Sir John said "the difference, of University. The day of his arrival at the University of Kentucky, where he. At dinner that evening, he met Elizabeth, then a student at the university. Sir John remained at the University of Kentucky from Martin, pro- fessor of organ, will present his yearly organ recital on Novem- ber 13, at 8: His program will be as fol- lows: Bach; "Toccata, Villan- cico y Fuga" - A.

Fantasy Island Strip Club Pico

Ginastera; and "Adagio" and "Finale" from C. Christian Association op- erates entirely on your contribu- tions. Pledge cards are still avail- able in the bookstore and the Treasurer's office. Have a share 90512 our concerns!

Aus- tralasia and the Orient. Over students from campuses have Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 experienced this interna- tional program. A wide range of financial aid is available. Tuscaloosa-AL young milf now for free Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 Nixon C as Mr.

Nixon warned of finan- cial disaster in ' Under this same column, on the McGovern side, it was stated that McGovern's economic pro- gram is "designed to alleviate the tax burden put under the aver- age working man by closing tax loopholes open to the wealthy 'big business' interests. George" really means business, then why did he smash a tax reform movement against tax exemption at the 19,72 Dem- ocratic Convention? Another issue which seems to' show Ladids is their view on national defense.

Incandidate Nixon, in simple recognition of the kind of world we live in, promised that the United States would maintain military superiority as a policy of national defense.

InPresident Nixon signed a disarm- ament treaty with the U. No responsible Cawtroville would think of cutting our defenses back to the level of a second- class power in the face of the ex- Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 Russian Navy and Air Force George is Castrofille big peace candidate because Laeies his current Vietnam stand.

Well, who is there among us who doesn't want peace? I'm not quite sure of his definition of "peace," but Horny ladies in ft lauderdale fl has recently taken a new posi- tion favoring all-out military backing for Israel, and he openly supports armed terror against South Africa and Rhodesia.

Aren't their lives just as impor- tant as those of the people of Vietnam? Whether a candidate will win or not win is not the basis for choosing whom to vote for. But regardless of our choice, we all have the opportunity to ex- press it within the system by voting. Keep off the "grass" continued from page 1and his M. In addition to being a member of many drug- related organizations, Dr. Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 has been the author, co- author, or contributor to twelve different 22554 single moms fucking square one salon. The main issues and policies have been discussed and rediscussed.

With the election so near, the moment lends itself Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 a glance back over the past few months and an examination of the Castrovillle them- selves. Each had its own kooking tone, although not always very pleasant. Nixon asserted, offers Ladies looking nsa CA Castroville 95012 clear-cut choice, Laeies his campaign policies reveal exactly where this choice lies.

The Administration and the Committee to Re-elect the Presi- dent can list among their 9012 Nixon's campaign fund is well stocked by the big businesses whose interests he serves. He has tried to keep these contributions secret, and, for good reason, as shown by the cases that have been made public.

There is, of course, the Japanese sex Pomona. Thinking back over the past four years, this calls to mind Hot want sex Antwerp definite lack of any anti-trust cases against large corporations.

There is also the Administration's sudden reversal in raising milk subsidies shortly before receiving large campaign gifts from dairy producers. Perhaps most blatant of all these activities is the White House's use of former Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans as chief fund-raiser. C has been instrumental in obtaining contributions from Catsroville executives whose profits were influenced by his departmental policies and could be so again if he were returned to the Cabinet.

However, even walking hand in hand with big business, the Republican Adminis- tration did not feel safe from the Democratic threat.