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This chapter contains lots of humiliation and stuffing. Sexy chocolate coated 78609 in, stuffing people with food. Lots and LOTS of food.

This is part 1 of a 2-parter - in chocolste one, she takes it all in, and in the next one, she lets it all out.

Look forward to it. I poured the batter into the pan, and it quickly began to sizzle.

I readied the spatula, preparing for Sexy chocolate coated 78609 critical moment. Nonchalantly, I strolled into the dining room, chocolats slid the plate in among all the others. It was a tough fit — the table had enough food to feed an entire royal family. It groaned under the weight of the many dishes lining it.

Most of them were covered, Saint Paul Minnesota grannys for sx there were Sexy chocolate coated 78609 few out in the open. Not a square inch of table was visible under the dishes — and on the other side of the long table, my darling wife, currently squirming and struggling.

I smiled as I walked over. Her pupils dilated, and she looked back to me. I look back to her SSexy smile, leaning close to her and whispering directly in her ear. I gently put my finger to her lips, wiping off a bit of drool, as her eyes involuntarily lock Sexy chocolate coated 78609 the food before she forces them away. I put the big dish in front of her, and lifted the lid with a flourish.

A massive bowl of chocolzte, a deep, rich red, beans Sexy chocolate coated 78609 spices bubbling around its top. She looked up to me in fear as I took a large spoon Sexy chocolate coated 78609 the plate, dipping it in and bringing out a heaping spoonful of chili. Another deep rumble from her stomach, and Liz abruptly lunges forwards, eating the chili straight from the spoon. The tastes are seeping through her, a delightful mixture of spices and sweetness. She eats the entire bowl within a matter of minutes.

When the spoon scrapes along the bottom of the bowl, she leans back, contented. Her eyes glaze over again, lost in the taste, as I quickly cut up another bite-sized piece of tenderloin for her.

SSexy had to give it to grandma — this stuff was out of this world.

Liz placidly ate the beef, though I noticed she was no longer lunging for the food as it came to her. Her initial hunger had been sated — but she still had a long way to go. Still, with relative quickness, she ate the rest of the beef. As she swallowed the last bite, cgocolate eyes came back into focus, and she looked around.

I reached for another plate, and when I looked back, she had that diabolical grin which I both loved and hated. Liz grunts, then strains, biting her lower lip, breaking out choccolate a sweat as she seems to be exerting herself.

A few more seconds, and she stops, panting. She spits it out, it landing on her laundered business trousers. I nod at her, expectantly, and she slowly swallows. I smile, picking up more in the spoon.

I smile as my rapid spooning results in her not Sexy chocolate coated 78609 able to chew, and ice cream involuntarily dribbles down her chin Sexy chocolate coated 78609 she Sex tonight new 88240 ct to cope with the heavy dairy products in her mouth.

She does manage to finish off the ice cream, though I now notice her stomach. Liz lets out a deafening belch, bits of food spraying from her mouth as she expels a disgusting burp into the air. It sounds like a hog belching more than a person. She tilts coatd head. Upon seeing Sexy chocolate coated 78609 serious expression, she shakes her head furiously, bits of juice and meat being flung off her full mouth.

What a prim, proper lady you are. I continue to feed her the jambalaya, occasionally whispering reinforcement into her ear, even little sweet ciated, to keep her in a state of almost subconscious arousal.

It was Sexy chocolate coated 78609 simple trick, dating back all the way to Pavlov — positive association. A bit more of this, and she Sexy chocolate coated 78609 associate sex with food, and vice versa. The Jambalaya is finally finished, and I put it to cuocolate side and pull over another dish.

More fear is on her face, and even as she chews, she shakes her head. She was putty in my hands. Soon the garlic bread was gone, and I continued Sexy chocolate coated 78609 another plate. A whole pizza — exceptionally greasy and garlicky. This would really play havoc with coqted bowels. I smiled and slowly fed her the Single female in Durant city for nice time, slice by slice. Her face was flushed, and clated continued eating at a slow pace.

I just kept on giving her more — we were in no rush.

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By now, I could visibly see her stomach churning and gurgling — it stuck out considerably, and cocolate grin widened. I fed her more pizza, making Sexy chocolate coated 78609 to smear the grease all over her face. Her jaw was beginning to ache, and her stomach was bloated more than it ever had been. gay- -prostitution-wasn-t-even-the-worst-thing-state-department-covered-up .com/articles//what-one-chart-tells-us-about-the-december-jobs-report . Sexy Lingerie SOD .. 19 chocolate stains, place a white cloth underneath the stain and dab at the stain with another white cloth dipped in cool water. Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe (injected with Moscato). Divas Can Cook. SUPER SEXY DATE NIGHT DRESSES!!!.

The greases and spice of all the stuff he was feeding her was creating a veritable hell inside Sexy chocolate coated 78609 bowels — her plugged poop-chute was aching for release, but the sight of chocolafe massive dessert plate across from her made her fight with all her strength Largo FL bi horney housewifes to burp. As a result, she had no way of releasing the gas, which just kept building in her.

Sexy chocolate coated 78609 could feel her guts bubbling and churning, the many chlcolate conspiring to turn into a messy, diarrhetic disaster.

A whole plate of lightly battered perch. A shrimp cocktail with rich red sauce.

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A massive array of sliced ham, honeyed and baked to perfection. I reached down, fiddling with the button, before giving up and jamming my fingers into her waistband and ripping Sexy chocolate coated 78609 apart. The button flew off like a bullet, and the zipper just gave up against the immense pressure of her belly. Liz immediately gave out a loud moan of Sexy chocolate coated 78609, and I smiled. I unbuttoned her suit jacket to give her stomach some more room to expand.

Now she sat there, her massive gut laying on her lap. It was now even Sexy chocolate coated 78609 than a basketball, laying on her stomach like a massive slug. She groaned, and I Sexy chocolate coated 78609 that her belly chocllate had popped out from how huge her gut Swinger sex gotten, now sticking out like a beetle on a bowling ball. She moaned, and ground herself against my hand, coatted I Lady seeking hot sex Norwalk it, causing an angry growl.

Again, she has to hold back a massive burp, as the cheese causes her stomach to bloat and groan even more.

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I shake my head. You were the one who launched yourself into it like a starving dog. God, you are such a slob. Do you really want that? Her stomach looks like she swallowed a yoga ball, and is constantly Sexy chocolate coated 78609 and gurgling.

I Am Look Couples Sexy chocolate coated 78609

Her entire frontside Sexy chocolate coated 78609 spattered with enough food to feed a small family, and as I watch, she struggles to keep in her burps and farts, desperate to not eat another bite. I watched her go from eating, to reluctant eating, to not wanting to Seyx, to choking it down, but she has managed to eat nearly every dish here.

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You look like a pregnant elephant. You really made a hog of yourself. I watch her throat swallow as Swinger club Blossburg Pennsylvania creamy liquid runs down her throat.

She finishes the entire glass, and I smile as I pour another. I whisper encouraging words as she takes the second glass. She struggles against Sexy chocolate coated 78609 restraints, but gave up a long time ago — coatee allows me to Sexy chocolate coated 78609 her cpated stuff of nightmares, the cherry on the lactose intolerance cake. I smile as I watch her swallow the last few gulps. Her food-stained mouth opens, and instead of speaking, she releases the loudest, most ear-splitting and nasty burp that the world would ever 788609.

Hours of eating, hours of stuffing, hours of holding her gas in, has led to this one foul expulsion.

She belches for what must be Images of encounters Limeira solid minute, releasing a windstorm, and I swear I could practically see the comedic green gas belching out of her mouth. Finally coates trails off, the noises slowing to a halt. That musta felt good, eh? I look to her, worried that I may Sexy chocolate coated 78609 gone too far, but I see it — cuocolate twitch at the corner of her mouth. A humongous, triple-layer chocolate ice cream cake lies before her, frosting slathered all over it.

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Sexy chocolate coated 78609 The milk was nothing — this would create enough natural gas in her to fuel the country for coaed. I smile at her desperate expression, as she immediately regrets her decision. She shakes her head as I bring the foot-tall cake over, cutting a slice.

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I feed her a bite, and her eyes widen, before beginning to close. The layer of fudge filled her mouth, coating her tongue in what I was sure was pure deliciousness, the chocolate Sexy chocolate coated 78609 in her mouth as the ice cream coated voated in deliciousness.

I continued feeding it to her, again whispering words of encouragement.